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Entrevista a nuestro CEO y fundador, Juan Della Torre, para el blog de Betahaus, nuestro espacio de co-working. Breve introducción de La Machi y los trabajos que estamos encarando, cómo se siente recibir la confianza del Papa, qué es lo que más nos motiva de nuestro trabajo y en qué medida nos beneficia estar en un espacio como Betahaus.

Betahaus – Work in Progress: Agencia La Machi

Juan Della Torre, 32, Buenos Aires

Tell us briefly about yourself.
I´m a lawyer with an MBA in Marketing and a postgraduate in International Businesses. I´ve been working in advertising and new marketing technologies for all my life. A few years ago, I was working at McCann Erickson Buenos Aires, driving MasterCard´s advertising and communication for South Cone. You know, they say “there are some things money can´t buy”, and I took that seriously 😉 , so, I started working for the non profit market (NGOs, etc.), but with the same professionalism and quality of work that I´ve been used to.

Can you tell us what La Machi is and what kind of work are you doing there?
La Machi is a communication and design agency for good causes, specialised in spiritual values and the care of creation. Our mission is to provide professional experience to help NGOs and religious institutions to express all the appeal of human and transcendent values. Integrating the Theology of Communication and the strategic analysis to the creative process, we provide consulting services in communication strategies, we develop corporate visual identity and digital marketing as websites and social networks. We have offices in Buenos Aires and in Barcelona (Betahaus!).

On what are you currently working?
I am working for the FIFA Wold Cup Rio 2014, we develop for the Pope´s global network of schools “Scholas Occurrentes” (of the Pontificial Academy of Sciences, Vatican) and (one of the biggest catholic media) the “Mundial Educativo” campaign. Mundial Educativo, or Educational World Soccer, is a digital interactive and information campaign to experience the World Cup as you never did before: a World Cup for the culture of encounter and peace among men of all religions. So people will be able to access to exclusive content of the World Cup form an inter-religious point of view.

How does it feels like to receive Pope’s trust for your work?
Receiving the trust for our work on projects launched by Pope Francis is something I would never imagine. Of course it´s a big responsibility that force us to do our best for the good of modern society, even if you are catholic or not.

What motivates you the most at your work?
The willing to change the world! As human beings we construct our lives from stories. That is communication. So, in La Machi, by communicating good things, we believe that we can change people’s lives in a positive, creative and human way.

How is betahaus helping you on your mission?
At betahaus Barcelona we found the perfect creative contraculture for the first European offices of La Machi: innovation, working happy and professionally are values we use to nurture the Communication of Good Causes.

Contact with Juan through his email juan.dellatorre [@]
or find him on twitter @juan_dellatorre

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