Theologically creative




The Church is the oldest institution in the world, and is considered, in turn, the very first communication agency. Throughout the centuries, it has used different means to announce the Gospel: art, cathedrals, music… It has always known how to combine different talents to create something magical. Why not also rely nowadays on the best talents and the most powerful media such as advertising and new technologiesReligion and marketing speak the same language. Jesus, with his parables, used the technique of storytelling, the Letters to the Apostles are examples of direct marketing, and the cathedrals, centers of brand experience. The works of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci or Mozart, inspired by the divine source, are worth of sponsored content. Conversely, the Church has its 4 “P’s”, the basic formula of marketing: product (Eternal Life), price (zero), place (Earth), promotion (announcing the Gospel). And as a brand, it needs a communication plan, allocate resources and accelerate times.


At La Machi we believe that lay people, experts in graphic design and communication, should use their professional skills to help the Church to make real the perception of sacred and mystery from our faith, gathering and expressing the expectations and demands of our time. To favor this dialogue and this meeting, we seek to present traditional values in a modern light, with a code understandable by today’s man, using a profound interpretation of the current paradigm and the power of the new media. One of the main innovations of our agency is that in each project we aspire to integrate the Theology of Communication in our creative process, researching all the documents of the Magisterium that can serve us to reflect and know how to take care of each message, also using the guide and supervision of different experts according to the theme.