The #EcoPope makes a mess again. And the brands tremble.

How will the new ecological encyclical affect the management of institutions?

Few times in contemporary history an ecclesial document has caused as much stir in the institutions as Laudato Sii. Why has Exxon sent – without much success – a delegation of lobbyists to the Vatican as the last slap of drowning?

The Pope is no longer the Pope. Today he is the world leader of men of good will, regardless of their religion or race. And I do not say it, Google says it and it does not lie, since he is the most googled character in the world. And in Facebook and Twitter as well. The Pope is no longer just the Pope.

This encyclical is embarrassing more than one CEO or Marketing Director of the multinationals. Francis, true to his style, does not cover anything and attacks everything. But this time not only with theological and moral arguments, but also with the power of science and numbers objectivity.

Issues such as the use of natural resources, water, energy, oil and its derivatives, food, deforestation, directly affect 95% of the major advertising advertisers in the world. Including the great multinationals of consumer good products, health & care, oil companies, automotive companies, and even governments.

There are those who deny global warming, with arguments as weak as those who claim it. The truth is that the game has begun and consumers are waiting for sustainable answers. But at the same price and with the same quality.

This encyclical brings a crisis. It will be a disaster for brands that fail to understand the new paradigm of communication. It will be a disaster for green washing brands. But an opportunity for those who know how to take advantage of all the power of communicating good causes as a clue to transform organizations and society.

By Juan Della Torre – CEO & Founder de La Machi. (@juan_dellatorre)