Juan Della Torre exponiendo en el Dia del Marketing

“Thank God for the Marketing”

The lights go out and a voice in off says: “I’ll tell you exactly the opposite of what the advertising world says” … And so it begins one of the most transgressive Marketing conference, called “Thank God for the Marketing” given by “La Machi” CEO, Juan Della Torre.

“The Church has the perfect marketing plan, it is the agency of God’s communications with the greatest best seller in history, the Bible. Its isotype, the cross, enjoys great awareness, and by far it is the most perfect branding project of all times. Has also the best content marketing, or branded content in history: Mozart, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Bach, because all has been inspired by religious motives” Della Torre explains.

Based on this story, one of the most successful of the past 2,000 years, and also based on his professional experience, Juan revealed the keys that make the stories companies tell to be credible ones. Why Pope Francis is the person of the year? He asked, but also stating that Francis communicates from his “Pathos” (the heart).

Three years ago, Juan created La Machi, a creative boutique for companies, specializing his work in good causes. He realized that the world is full of “blue oceans” of communication to be explore, and what the consumer is asking today is that we remain human and do more good deeds. These are the sources of sponsorships. Brands can establish an important bond with their audience through good causes.

An example of this is the case of “Click to Pray”, a multichannel platform (web, app, social networking, emailing) as the official network of prayer of the Pope in Portugal. Through close communication, emotional and relevant to the audience, the platform reached 100,000 users in just three months.

Therefore, we can see that the consumer has matured, is more demanding “10 years ago, advertising was asking us to do something transgressive; 5 years ago, we had to do something fun, make them laugh. Today, we are asked to do something good”. And with that conclusion, he stated the commitment of his boutique agency to good causes.

We would like to share a couple of photos from the conference held in the auditorium of Buenos Aires, in block 3 of the opening day of Mkt Day.


Thanks for joining us!



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