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The BRAVO Awards! granted annually by the Spanish Episcopal Conference seek to recognize, on the part of the Church, the meritorious work of all those professionals of communication, who are distinguished by the service to the dignity of man, human rights and evangelical values. The jury appointed by the Episcopal Commission of Social Communication Media and established in Madrid on November 29, 2016, decided to reward La Machi in the New Technologies category for the monthly initiative “The Pope Video”.

At the awards ceremony, held this morning in the auditorium of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, Fr. José Gabriel Vera Beorlegui, director of the Secretariat of the Social Communication Commission, stressed that “uniting his talent with the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, La Machi has been able to create a new language to make known the monthly intentions of the Holy Father’s prayer, with a viral diffusion, each of his videos, in a few hours, reach millions of reproductions and achieve the goal to make known and unite people in prayer with the Pope. ”

For his part, Bishop Ginés García Beltrán, President of the Social Communication Commission, highlighted the figure of San Francisco de Sales as patron of journalists. “The aspiration to seek, find and spread the truth joins that time with ours, each one of the winners has brought to our life expressions of truth, goodness and beauty, being protagonists of their search, discovery or expression.”


The Mercurio Awards Ceremony of the Argentine Marketing Association were held and La Machi – Communication for Good Causes won the international award for the second consecutive year.

(Buenos Aires, November 2, 2016). – Last Tuesday, November 1st, at the Astor Piazzolla Theater in Buenos Aires, the Mercurio Awards ceremony was held by the Argentine Marketing Association. The professional marketing community, formed by a jury of more than 3,000 professionals, decided to reward La Machi – Communication for Good Causes with the Mercurio Award in the International SME category, for the case presented as “La Machi and The Pope Video”.

The Pope Video is an initiative created together with the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, noted for being the first spot in history led by a Pope. Under a series of monthly viral videos, Francisco invites to join in his intentions for the challenges of humanity. The videos have global reach, they are published in 9 languages and as of the date they have more than 12,000,000 views and around 3,000 hits in the press.

The Pope Video symbolizes the dream we had 4 years ago when we founded La Machi. Having won an international prize twice in a row reinforces the projection of a creative strategic boutique, doing good things from Argentina. We are very grateful to the Argentine Marketing Association for this award, which also supports our local and international growth strategy for 2017, “said Juan Della Torre, CEO & Founder of La Machi.


Banco Santander believes in sports sponsorships as a vehicle to express the values of the brand and establish a relevant connection with its audience.

Its strategy has two legs: Motor and Football. This double strategy seeks on the one hand the positioning in Europe with premium sports and in Latin America with massive sports.

In 2010 he began to sponsor Ferrari, with an initial agreement for 5 years, for € 210 million.

It is a sponsor of the Copa Libertadores (€ 10MM), Copa América and Copa Sudamericana. It has recently dethroned Banco BBVA for the Spanish League, now Liga Santander (€ 20MM for three years) and Liga 123 for the second division.

The qualitative return is:

  • Awareness
  • Approach to a younger audience.
  • Pride of belonging among employees.
  • Activation for the launch of products related to sponsorships.

The quantitative return that it obtains is:

  • € 5 return for each euro invested.
  • + 25% positive rating among customers.
  • + 41% positive rating among non-customers.
  • 80% of F1 fans are willing to hire products linked to Ferrari.

Banco Santander believes in sports sponsorships. That’s why he invests millions of millions of euros in it.

Pope Francis also believes in the power of sport as a vehicle for the Communication of Good Causes. That is why this month’s Pope’s Video, which emphasizes fraternity and sports, has achieved the same impact on millions of people at zero cost.

Is that a good communication strategy is worth millions.

By Justiniano Vila – Consulting Manager of La Machi.

Pope Francis received the agreement that establishes “The Pope Video” as a didactic material to educate children and youth. They were with the Pope, Fr Frédéric Fornos, sj, International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer); José María del Corral and Enrique Palmeyro, directors of the Pontifical Scholas Occurrentes Foundation and Juan Della Torre, CEO of the La Machi Agency – Communication for Good Causes, the three institutions that sign the agreement.

The Pope Video became official as teaching material and will be used in educational centers to strengthen spaces of motivation, creativity and understanding of the challenges of humanity that Pope Francis presents each month. The objective will be to capitalize the project and focus it towards a dynamic applicable to the path of Francis’ intentions.

The initiative created for the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer), spreads a new vision and values towards a world “more respectful, with appreciation and that can only be generated in a childhood and youth involved in the faith and in hope, “according to one of the materials created for the workshops.

The signatories of the agreement expressed that “the educational facts are not only given in the school, but in different cultural areas, with their different modalities. The educational fact of construction also occurs in non-physical spaces that we can create at any time, place, in any language and counting on what surrounds us “.

The agreement seeks to promote the development of new convictions, attitudes and ways of life. In pursuit of a better world and that can generate in children and young people to think what kind of concrete actions can be undertaken to improve human relations. The material will be used in workshop mode, which will allow “The Pope Video” to function as a starting point for different activities, be they artistic, playful or recreational.

“The Pope Video” has been launched in January of this year as the new platform through which Pope Francis invites men and women from all over the world to join in their intentions for the challenges of humanity.

About The Video of the Pope

The Pope Video is a global initiative developed by the World Network of Prayer of the Pope (Apostleship of Prayer) to spread the monthly intentions of the Holy Father on the challenges of humanity. It has the support of the Centro Televisivo Vaticano (CTV), sole owner of the image rights of the Pope. Month after month he accompanies Pope Francis in his prayer requests.

More information at: www.thepopevideo.org


Our CEO, Juan Della Torre, and the behind the scenes of The Pope Video explained in Young4young, the information and culture website of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Salesian Pontifical University.

Il video del Papa. Ecco chi lo ha realizzato
di Ermanno Giuca
Poco più di trent’anni, un MBA in Marketing e un passato in McCann Erickson. Juan Della Torre oggi guida l’agenzia La Machi e il suo scopo è coniugare teologia e nuove strategie di comunicazione.

Novantadue secondi per tradurre in immagini le intenzioni di preghiera di Papa Francesco, mese dopo mese. Lo scorso 6 Gennaio è stato pubblicato il primoVideo del Papa dedicato al dialogo interreligioso, un videomessaggio in cui compare Francesco insieme a quattro esponenti delle grandi religioni (un cattolico, un musulmano, un ebreo e una buddista) ognuno dei quali professa fede nel proprio Dio. Un concentrato di teologia e comunicazione che racchiude in sé preghiera, simboli e relazioni. A produrlo (insieme alla Rete Mondiale di Preghiera del Papa) è stato Juan Della Torre, fondatore e amministratore delegato de La Machi, un’agenzia di comunicazione con sede a Barcellona, Buenos Aires e Roma specializzata in campagne non-profit e impegnata nella trasmissione di valori religiosi.

33 anni, argentino e avvocato, Juan Della Torre vanta nel suo curriculum un master in International Business e un MBA in Marketing. Per la McCann Erickson di Buenos Aires ha curato le campagne pubblicitarie di MasterCard ma terminata quell’esperienza ha deciso di dedicarsi alla comunicazione delle ONG. «La nostra missione – racconta in un’intervista – è di fornire un’esperienza professionale per aiutare le ONG e le istituzioni religiose ad esprimere tutto il fascino dei valori umani e trascendenti. Integrare la Teologia della Comunicazione con le nuove strategie di comunicazione». Per la Pontificia Accademia della Scienze cura i progetti di “Scholas Occurentes” e per la FIFA World Cup 2014 ha ideato la campagna “Mundial Educativo” una piattaforma interattiva digitale per celebrare la Coppa del Mondo come incontro tra popoli, culture e diverse religioni.«Lavorare su commissione del Papa – spiega Della Torre – è qualcosa che non avrei mai potuto immaginare. Naturalmente questo comporta una grande responsabilità e ci costringe a fare del nostro meglio, per il bene della società». In un’intervista rilasciata a Radio Vaticana racconta il lavoro preparatorio per il “Video del Papa”. «È stata una nuova esperienza. È la prima volta che viene realizzato un videoclip per diffondere le intenzioni di preghiera del Santo Padre. Come pubblicitario ho innanzitutto lavorato allo script, raccogliendo le fonti del Magistero, le Encicliche, i Messaggi. Il tutto per scrivere quelle parole che il Papa legge davanti alla camera, un’emozione che non dimenticherò mai più nella vita».

A cinque giorni dal suo lancio, il video ha già raccolto migliaia visualizzazioni con picchi sul canale anglofono e spagnolo del Vaticano. Ma il suo stesso realizzatore conferma che l’audience potenziale – per diffusione di traduzioni e di siti che lo promuoveranno – è di circa 500 milioni di persone. Il secondo video verrà pubblicato a Febbraio ma non c’è ancora una data certa. «Il tema – anticipa Della Torre – sarà la questione della cura del creato. Per realizzarlo abbiamo lavorato molto con l’Enciclica Laudato Si’».