Star Wars wins. The brands lose.

On May 4th many brands have joined the Star Wars strategy with the already famous #MayThe4thBeWithYou. Great triumph of the marketing developed by Star Wars and huge failure of the brands. I have reviewed quickly -as audiences do, who do not want to see ads, skip them or watch them at full speed- some campaigns based on the famous series. I do not remember a single brand other than Star Wars. They are very good graphic or audiovisual performances of cars, meals or colonies for Star Wars. The brands of these products are not seen, they are not there, they are not perceived.

Brands have taken content marketing as a surface where they put their logo’s sticker. What you say or show that surface does not matter to you. What you say or show does not matter to them, as long as it is relevant. And, of course, what is very relevant displaces brands as Star Wars has done. Because very few brands enjoy the public relevance of Star Wars. It’s obvious.

The difficult, the meritorious, the effective is to create those relevant contents. Before advertisers and publicists knew how to do it: they created Popeye and the soap operas. The cowboy and the detective were mingled. The product and the brand were there naturally, they were an important part of the story. And that worked.

What does not work, the easy, the absurd is to add your brand – along with several dozen other brands – to one that has a recall and a social impact infinitely superior to yours. This is the case of Star Wars. Luke Skywalker should have been created by an airline. When there were still no low cost, of course. Advertising has to do almost exclusively with connecting. And I do not see the connection between a vanilla cookie and a spaceship. Sincerely.




By Paco Segarra – Creative Consultant of La Machi.