About This Project

CLIENT: Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

PROJECT: Video that synthesizes the days lived during the III World Meeting of Popular Movements (EMMP) in Vatican, in dialogue with Pope Francis. Rome 2-5 November 2016. After the two meetings in Rome in 2014 and in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in 2015, some 200 members from 92 popular movements from 65 different countries participated in this third world meeting. The topics to be addressed were: “Work, Roof, Land”, the care of the environment and nature, and the question of emigrants and refugees.


The meeting was held at the Pontifical Maria Mater Ecclesiae International School from November 2 to 4 and on the 5th the participants were received by the Holy Father in audience in the Paul VI Hall. Among the participants is Don Luigi Ciotti, founder of the Abel group, of help to the dependents of toxic substances and later of the association Libera, that fights the abuses of the Mafia in all Italy; Vandana Shiva, Hindu philosopher and ecologist, Alternative Nobel Prize in 1993 and Pepe Mújica, president of Uruguay between 2010 and 2015.


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