Remote Work during COVID-19 times

Creativity, Illustration
About This Project

In the extraordinary circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Mireia Las Heras, Research Director at the International Center for Work and Family (IESE – University of Navarra), has developed a study in which more than 700 people have participated, recounting their experiences in remote work.


For this project, at La Machi we produced a series of infographics that represent the best practices of remote working, covering topics such as:

-Personal management

-Team management

-Management towards the bosses

-Management in the family

-The effects of the leader on his employees

-The effects of COVID-19 circumstances and employee preferences


You can read the complete study here:


“Remote Work in Extraordinary Conditions”. Mireia Las Heras; Maria Barraza; Yasin Rofcanin.
2020 International Center for Work and Family – IESE Business School.