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About This Project

CLIENT: Congregation of the Regular Theatine Clergy (International)

PROJECT: Congregation of the Regular Theatine Clergy,,

is an Institute of Consecrated Religious Life, whose purpose is to restore in the Church the primitive form of apostolic life, incarnated in the priestly ministry, in order to promote, from the personal reform of the priests who live in community, the ecclesial reform. It was founded on 14 September 1524 by Saint Cajetan, Juan Pedro Carafa, Bonifacio de’Colli y Pablo Consiglieri. It is now present in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Italy and Spain.

The project consisted in generating a new website as the Order did not have a previous one. Therefore, from La Machi we were in charge of the following tasks:

– Starting period of knowledge of the case and definition of the needs that must be solved with the new website.

– Analysis of the material collected and presentation of a strategy.

– Design and development of the website: compilation of the contents, presentation of the architecture and design of wireframes.

– Web content management: news, documents, images.

– Web optimization (SEO).

– Incorporation of a search engine on the website and a fundraising section.

– Adaptation of the website to different languages: Spanish and Portuguese.

– Linking of the website to the Email Marketing platform: Mailchimp.

– Customer training on the use of WordPress and Mailchimp.