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About This Project

CLIENT: Pro Animas Foundation (Chile).


PROPOSAL: Indulgente is a digital multiplatform which aims to spread the treasure of forgiveness offered by the Church through the prayers of the people for the salvation of souls in purgatory.

This project consists of a website, www.indulgente.orgmain social network profiles and will soon launch the mobile application.

The website contains documents in accordance with the teaching of the Church concerning the eternal life, indulgences and confession. It also gathers articles on specific revelations on purgatory; devotions and videos to motivate people to join this effort of unselfish love.

The mobile application will provide effective help to all the people who wants to deliver through prayers some relief to all the souls in purgatory; not only to pray for those who we treasure in our hearts and memories, but also for those who we have never met and need of our prayers. It will be an easy to use application and it will notify you of dates and ways in which we can help the souls in heaven to earn indulgences.