Click To Pray

Digital Marketing, Graphic Creativity
About This Project

CLIENT: The Apostleship of Prayer in Portugal with the support of the Portuguese Episcopal Conference Youth Ministry 

PROPOSAL: Click To Pray,,  is a digital platform which aim primarily to generate a rhythm of daily prayer for young people, spreading the monthly intentions of the Pope entrusted each month to the Apostleship of Prayer. Proposes 3 simple and brief sentences along the day. It is also a social network of prayer, in which can included also the intentions of the participants or prayers for the intentions of others.

RESULTS: A community of over 60,000 people from 117 countries in different channels of Prayer Click To Pray. In just 4 months the app has been downloaded more than 12,300 times and the website has received over 249,000 visits. The Facebook page has more than 3,800 followers.