About This Project

CLIENT: Migrants and Refugees Section.

Department of the Vatican Curia oriented to pastoral action and personally directed by Pope Francis, following his conviction that efforts and special attention are necessary to ensure that those who are forced to migrate because of conflicts, natural disasters, persecutions , extreme poverty and the victims of trafficking are not excluded or forgotten. More information at:


PROJECT: The Church has celebrated the World Day of Migrants and Refugees every year since 1914. By 2018, Pope Francis has written about its reception, protection, promotion and integration. On this occasion, the Migrants and Refugees Section entrusted us with a video that strongly communicates the vision of Pope Francis so that it can be broadcast at the conference organized by the United Nations in Puerto Vallarta (December 4-6, 2017). The video is aimed at government representatives and the general public to generate an impulse towards the realization of Global Humanitarian Pacts on Migrants and Refugees.


It is a special occasion for the Church and people of faith to reflect on the role that migration has played in our tradition, to express their concern and to be able to mobilize and raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities presented by migration. The 3-minute video, subtitled in 22 languages, explains the basic response that should be given to immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and displaced persons.