The MKT DAY is here!

The Argentine Marketing Association launches the MKT Day 2015, with a congress that will be held on May 26th, 27th and 28th in the Buenos Aires Auditorium, within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the AAM and twentieth Marketing Day.

On this occasion, the president of the AAM and VP of Marketing of MasterCard, Jorge Colombatti, will open the event and will give rise to a series of enriching conferences for the work of marketing professionals, who will come out, equipped with tools designed from the latest trends in innovation, consumer, strategy and positioning.

Juan Della Torre, our CEO, has a place reserved among invited speakers. Federico Calello (President of Kimberly), Federico Rava (CEO of the Telefónica Group), Miguel Kozuszok (President of Unilever), Alejandro Zuzenberg (CEO of Facebook), Tatiana Aurich (Marketing Manager of Molinos), Gustavo Dominguez (President of Campari), Pablo Gonzalez Beramendi (Director of Google Branding), Carlos Perez (President of BBDO), Diego Belbussi (VP of Marketing of Quilmes), Eduardo Kastika (President of Kastika), Victoria Santos (Marketing Manager of Google) and Nadine Pavlovsky (VP of Marketing of DIRECTV), among others.

Mariano Fernández Madero, Executive Director of the AAM, said about the event: “in the next world, it will be a great challenge to combine thinking, integration and execution in an increasingly dynamic environment; for that reason, we invite them to reflect, and to expose themselves to concepts that provoke to break with the established paradigms, and that lead us to discover the greatest value “. He also stated that “we are extremely proud to bring the marketing community together again, not only to nurture it with the experience of the most prominent and prestigious leaders in the industry, but also to recognize the achievements of the teams and individuals that year after year position Argentina at the forefront of creativity and marketing.”