La Machi develops virtual reality game for UIC Barcelona

From La Machi – Communication for Good Causes we had the pleasure of accompanying with an innovative game to UIC Barcelona in the Saló de l ‘Ensenyament, the week of training and work that took place between the 22nd and the 26th of March in Fira Barcelona. The proposal developed by our agency consisted of a stand that challenged participants to wear virtual reality glasses (or VR glasses for their acronym in English, Virtual Reality), and tour the facilities of UIC Barcelona. The trick? In each room a number of birds were hidden and the mission was to catch them in the least amount of time possible. Once the activity was finished, each participant received a flyer with information about the action, how to download the application for iOS and Android, and an invitation to join the subsequent contest on social networks.

Virtual reality, passion of crowds in Saló de l’Ensenyment

During the fair, it is estimated that approximately 2,200 people passed through the virtual reality activity. The 480 winners of the challenge took their own glasses engraved with the logo of the Catalan university. In the first three days, most of the participants were children of 4ESO and 1BATX, who came to Fira Barcelona with their schools and educational centers. The groups approached the stand attracted by the experience offered by the game and, in this way, several had their first contact with the university. On the other hand, on Saturday and Sunday, 2BATX students were accompanied by their parents, who did not want to be left behind and also participated in the activity. These even took advantage of the action to know the facilities and the educational offer of UIC Barcelona.

The application “UIC Barcelona VR Experience”

In addition to the event, from La Machi we were in charge of the development of UIC Barcelona VR Experience, the app with which the participants played during the 5 days of the exhibition. The application is now available for free download in stores for iOS (even compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and Android, and allows players to know the facilities of the university from their own mobile. In turn, it proposes challenges that must be met in a limited time, and evaluates each contestant individually for their performance.

Conclusions of an intense, but satisfactory work

After the 5 days of the event, and all the hard work prior to the Saló de l’Ensenyment, we can draw conclusions about this experience: – Gamification is an excellent way to reach our audience. Although the basic information offered by the game is easily obtained from the UIC Barcelona website, the virtual reality game managed to reach new potential students, and in a much more interactive way. – The games are not just for kids. The overwhelming response from parents taught us that there is no age to get excited about virtual reality glasses. – The possibilities of VR are endless. There is still much to be done in the field of virtual reality, and the possibilities offered by this blue ocean are innumerable. We already mentioned in our previous article 5 industries that are renewed with virtual reality, and we will repeat it again: virtual reality is transforming the way in which we communicate. And our experience with UIC Barcelona only confirms this premise!


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