Hello, brother Environment

Today the relationship between the human being and nature has been distorted. It has led to two opposite and, without doubt, contradictory extremes.

On one hand, the environment is exploited: it is destroyed by man for economic purposes that benefit a few, while millions of people are deprived of basic resources. A model as unfair as it is unsustainable.

And on the other, we intend to exclude all human intervention in the natural world because man is “the bad guy”. The absence of men and women would lead to the preservation of the environment. There is also people that pose the extinction of the human species. A crazy model.

We could speak from a creationist point of view, of divine intervention, but we are not going to do so. Even in the event that the world and life have arisen by a mysterious chance, the fact is that they are there. And the fact is that our relationship with that world is one of communication, of interaction: we admire a landscape, we eat a fruit, we water the geraniums or we tan in the sun.

We talk about communication and, in this case, any marketing expert knows that, in general, the emotional type works better than the rational type. Communicating emotions or feelings is more effective.

Let us not consider Francis of Assisi as a saint and let us suspend, for a moment, any religious connotation of his person. What do we have left? An emotional communicator of unsurpassed genius.

Who thinks of calling “brother” to the sun, the wolf, the sparrow? And “sister” to the rose, to the apple or to death itself? Only a creative genius, of course.

This is exactly the communication model that we apply to good, sustainable and ecological causes. Can we call it “love for the environment”? Definitely. It is what inspired Francis of Assisi. And what inspires the current Francis, Pope of the Catholic Church.

Can you imagine a brand saying in its campaign “brothers trees” or “sister water”?

By Paco Segarra – Creative Consultant of La Machi. (@pakez)