Does God exist?

Does God exist? This is the question that post-postmodernity no longer asks, since Nietzsche decreed with more than 1,800 years of delay the death of God. God himself had come forward to him dying on a cross. It is a question that some, like Frossard, did not consider at all and the Absolute came to stumble upon them, so suddenly, in a church.
André Frossard wrote a book titled “God exists, I found him”, that is exactly what happens to all the saints since St. Paul. The man of today, however, is too busy and too self-paying to see beyond his navel, and from the lower part of his navel. I mean, he sees nothing, or very little. If you do not believe me, observe one who is on a cross in the shape of a wheelchair, nailed to it by a degenerative disease: he is called Stephen Hawking and could be a redeeming Christ and is just a jumble of cells. Because one comes to be or to think in the same way that he believes or not believes. So the question is not whether God exists or not, but whether I really exist without God.
The answer was given to us by Saint Augustine and it is very easy: being the evil corruption of good, and consequently, that no evil can exist if there is no good that can be corrupted, if everything was wrong in the world there would be nothing, because everything would have been corrupted until the end: death and nonexistence. But since it is evident that something exists, then there is good, even if it is corruptible. Is there a non-corruptible good? We would call that God.
This answer does not correspond to science, which has not yet answered the question that makes all its postulates useless to explain the nonexistence of God: why is there something instead of nothing? Why? And not how?
But science will never answer to primitive whys.
Then, look into your heart. You will find the answer without a doubt. Another thing is that you are filled vertigo, fear or joy by doing so.
In any of the three cases you will meet with an Infinite Tenderness that will break a substance harder than the diamond: your own heart.
By Paco Segarra, Creative Consultant of La Machi @pakez