CSR Policy


Our framework includes an active and voluntary contribution to companies & organizations that have real need of any of our services but do not have sufficient financial resources for it.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program 

La Machi´s Corporate Social Responsibility Program seeks to help with design and communication services to those NGOs & institutions that promote good causes and can not afford the costs of our type of services.

We will select every four months (January-April, May-August and September-December) a project to which our company will provide it services. The institution who would be interested to apply shall submit a formal request within the pre-established deadlines, which will be reviewed by the Advisory Council. The beneficiary institution shall take into consideration that it will have to bear 25% of the project in direct costs.

The Advisory Board of La Machi will select one project in each of the 3 yearly periods, which will be informed through the communication channels of La Machi.

The selected applications of any institution will be based in the following criteria:
Impact on the applicant organization.
Impact on the target groups.
Lack of financial resources

Our beneficiaries projects should not exceed 5% of La Machi working time.

All the applying institutions must provide the following information in their applications:

Proof of being legally constituted.
Present a request brief to the CSR Program of La Machi Committee signed by the legal responsible individual of the applying institution.
Include a description in detail of the project which requires the support of La Machi and the time and resources needed.
Specify the reason why the institution is unable to cover the full costs of the project and commit institutionally to cover the 25% of it in direct costs.
Include any other relevant information that might be important to consider in case of choosing the project.

The application must be sent in 2 formats:

Per email to: [email protected]
Per post to: CSR Program de La Machi, Buenos Aires 60 2º 2ª A CP 08036, Barcelona, Spain.

The 3 yearly closing dates for applying are: 1 March, 1 July and 1 November.

The winning project will be confirmed within the following month of the application.