Radio Cultura

Claudio Destefano interviews Juan Della Torre

The journalist Claudio Destefano interviews our CEO and founder, Juan Della Torre, on his program “Radiografía” on Radio Cultura FM 97.9. Radiografía is “the number one program” where more than 1700 business managers participated in 20 years of radio interviews. It is a business marketing program where the number one talks about his/her career, the company, and at the same time feels comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the interview while he/she receives some surprises. Radiografía is a moment to enjoy, where the experience of the guest is combined with the professionalism of the interviewer.

Share a moment with us! Listen to the interview and get to know Juan, the leader of our tribe, more closely. Many thanks to Claudio Destefano, Mariana Aznar and the entire Bizers production team for this opportunity!